Tom Pinkson is a psychologist, sacred storyteller, spiritual guide, author, musician, ceremonial retreat and vision-fast leader, and devoted grandfather. He sees himself as a bridge-builder, translating indigenous wisdom into a modern context bringing forth the intelligence and creativity of spiritual awakening, emotional well-being, and living in sustainable balance with Mother Earth and the Circle of Life. Pinkson also helped start the first at-home Hospice in the United States.

In this book, he writes about "meeting the challenges of aging in a skillful manner using them as vehicles to grow this time of life into the richest and most rewarding time of all." Pinkson examines the Five Developmental Challenges of the Second Half of Life. They are:

Revision "your mortality to create an ally relationship that empowers living."
Reclaim and repair the "wisdom of your life through a Harvesting Review Process that taps into the power of love to heal wounded relationships."
Revitalize "the vision and purpose of your heart path mission and live your legacy."
Reawaken "creativity and courage to generate meaningful self-expression and service in the world."
Recognize "your highest potential by growing your spiritual maturity and intelligence."

The author presents probing questions to illuminate the process of befriending death (along with references to Martin Prechtel, Gerry Jampolski, Carlos Castenada and others), the art of harvesting life-wisdom teachings (see the 14 reflective questions in the excerpt), seeking a deeper vision (tapping into indigenous teachings), making the most of one's creativity and generativity (with examples from various elders); and going with the flow as you bring to life your spiritual maturity (ask yourself nine important questions).

Pinkson closes this spiritual adventure with his thoughts on story, intention, opening to divine Presence, and the need to strengthen your faith muscles. To learn more about what the author is doing, check out his website