The prolific Phil Cousineau has released another book about the wonderful world of words. This time he notes that when words are put together in just the right way, they conjure up stories that take us on thrilling excursions or reveal to us our innermost feelings or emotions. Tai Chi master Sat Hon has stated, "Storytelling is the ancient art of communicating wisdom." And so it is.

Cousineau recalls stories that enchanted him as a child and stories repeated at family gatherings. Soon he was writing his own stories and teaching workshops on the subject. The author is like all of us: hungry to mine meanings out of the stories he hears and tells. He quotes the Cherokee writer Thomas King: "Stories are the way that we set the world straight." And moving inexorably behind our own quests for meaning is the unfolding of the story of the evolutionary universe.

By the end of this lyrical work, you will want to follow Cousineau's habit: "Every day I try to find the stories that will bring me back to life."