Robert Sardello has been a practicing psychotherapist for more than 20 years. He is the author of Facing the World with Soul and Freeing the Soul from Fear. In this philosophical work, he sets out to explore the lineaments of what he calls "spiritual psychology" — "an active practice that develops embodied, conscious, soul life to make that life open and receptive to the spiritual realms. This is done as an act of love toward ourselves, others, and the world." This new psychology is undergirded by imagination, the legendary tales of the Grail, and the writings of Rudolf Steiner. It is also characterized by a relaxed and open attitude toward the future based on not-knowing.

Sardello discusses the importance of spiritual psychology in chapters on the soul of the world, individuality as love, grieving, love and soul, relationships, dreaming, community, and fellowship. The egotism that separates us from others leads to paranoia, anger, addiction, boredom, and a fear of encountering the future. It is also what is behind attitudes that regard the world as a dangerous and doomed place. For Sardello, in contrast, treating the world with disrespect is an act of treason. Care of the soul must lead naturally to care for the world. This capacious defense of love for what some have called "the playground of the Devil" is both salutary and enlightening.