We agree with Stuart M. Matlins, editor-in-chief of Jewish Lights Publishing, that this is an "extraordinary time of religious renewal in America, an exciting time for people of all faiths." Over the past ten years, he has nurtured a talented and eclectic group of Jewish writers and thinkers who have probed the heights and depths of Jewish spirituality. Many of them are included in this wonderful resource. "God is where I come from and where I'm going," Ira F. Stone has written. Or as the Hasidim used to say: "It's all God!"

This volume is divided into five parts covering key questions and concerns: What is Jewish Spirituality? Where is Spirituality Found? When Does Spirituality Enter Your Life? How to Forge the Tools That Will Make It Happen, and Why Spirituality Should Be Part of Your Life. More than 50 writers, including Lawrence Kushner, David A. Cooper, Arthur Green, Daniel C. Matt, and Arthur Waskow, shed new light on God, community, healing, meditation, mysticism, study, Jewish traditions, rituals, blessings, repairing the world, and more.

Check out Kerry M. Olitzky's insights into the connection between illness and a lack of spirituality; David Zeller's ideas on how to reverse spiritual heart disease; Lawrence Kushner's creative idea that proof for God consists of a book containing all the stories of your life; Daniel C. Matt's exploration of the challenges inherent in transforming evil into good; Lawrence A. Hoffman's celebration of Jewish blessings; and all of the inspiring comments by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, a Hasidic sage whose words of wisdom preface each of the five parts.