Phil Cousineau has drawn together over 80 accounts of "the uncanny and inexplicable way the outer world sometimes parallels the inner world." Here are stories by Valerie Andrews, Larry Dossey, Tess Gallagher, Jamake Highwater, Huston Smith, and others about events that occur somewhere in the twilight zone between myth, dream, and destiny.

Cousineau defines synchronicity as "an inexplicable but profoundly meaningful coincidence that stirs the soul and offers a guiding glimpse of one's destiny." These events often seem too incredible to be true but they point to a universe of manifold connections. Here are premonition dreams of things that happen months later, accounts of individuals who feel in their bodies the death of loved ones far away, tales about chance encounters that turn lives around, and stories of soulmates who meet at just the right moment. Cousineau's poetic and profound reveries between each of the chapters honor the sweet anarchy of the moment, the sly winks of fate, the sudden discovery of meaning, and the shiver that runs through the soul when the world "strangifies."