Here is another spiritual adventure story by the author of The Alchemist, and The Valkyries. A 29-year-old woman named Pilar leaves her conventional life in a Spanish village behind in order to hear a lecture by a childhood friend now renown for his visionary insights about the feminine face of God. He takes her breath away with talk about grace, magic moments, the mystery of total surrender, and the ability of believers to cure others. Pilar recovers her faith during this pilgrimage and takes a leap of love which draws her closer to God.

Coelho's parable reflects the worldwide interest in and fascination with the feminine side of God. The other key to the story is expressed by the author in an introductory note: "Spiritual experience is above all a practical experience of love. And with love, there are no rules." By the River Piedra, I Sat Down & Wept gives immediacy to the quest for meaning in our time.