"What we are looking for on earth and in earth and in our lives is the process that can unlock for us the mystery of meaningfulness in our daily lives," writes Alice O. Howell. "It is the best-kept secret down through the ages because it is so simple. Truly, the last place it would ever occur for us to find the sacred would be in the commonplace of our everyday lives and all about us in nature and in simple things."

In this illuminating book, which deserves the title of spiritual classic, the author (Jungian Symbolism in Astrology) shares wisdom gleaned from her many visits to the Celtic isle of Iona. In this sacred place, she gives free rein to her soul and imagination. In chapters on stones, trees, crosses, wands, and flowers, Howell perceives the Divine Guest who speaks to her heart's yearning.

The author feels at one with Celtic believers whose prayers acknowledged God's hand in all that they did. Howell identifies with the European spiritual women of the 13th century who openly discussed matters of soul and spirit "without benefit of clergy." As proof positive, she proclaims that the spiritual task of this age is "the rediscovery of the sacred all about us."

Howell challenges readers to look with loving eyes upon the natural world, music and art, and poetry for signs of spiritual meaning. She quotes Meister Eckhart who said: "All our souls are mothers to God. To grasp God in all things — this is the sign of your new birth."

The Dove in the Stone concludes with a fascinating chapter titled "Mondayschool." Howell presents strategies and rituals for discerning Sophia, the feminine aspect of divine wisdom, who hides out in candles, cups, and other everyday objects and experiences. Mothering meanings is a high calling and an imaginative adventure.