"We need not study merely the biography of Jesus. Rather, we need to discover him living now, in our everyday life," writes Catholic author Jean Maalouf. Here is a rousing, creative, and passionate portrait of the man from Nazareth as a robust, earth-cherishing visionary and healer. Best of all, Jesus is a spirit person who "looked through everything and saw in everything the divine reality of God's living presence."

Maalouf is awed by Jesus's ability to learn spiritual lessons from plants, to accept the presence of the kingdom in everyday events, and to proclaim love as the linchpin of our relationship with God and our neighbors. The author also revels in Jesus's spiritual practices of enthusiasm, joy, attention, freedom, listening, and zeal. For Maalouf, the heart rather than the head is the gateway to a spiritual life in Christ. This book presents a creative and empowering interpretation of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.