"I not only have my secrets. I am my secrets. And you are your secrets....Our trusting each other enough to share them with each other has much to do with the secret of what it is to be human." These words are from Frederick Buechner's illuminating new book titled Telling Secrets: A Memoir.The author of more than twenty novels and nonfiction works shares with us two traumatic experiences in his life. When he was only ten years old, his alcoholic father committed suicide. Only as an adult did Buechner deal with his blocked guilt and grief. The second revolves around the helplessness he felt in not being able to handle the anorexia of his daughter. In confronting the demons which have haunted him, Buechner also comes face-to-face with the healing power of God's forgiveness. Best of all, he acknowledges that "insofar as memory is the doorway to both experiences, it becomes not just therapeutic but sacred." In other words, Buechner sees the God of his biblical faith as operating in the midst of the story of his life. He also sees intimations of grace and healing in friendship, prayer, worship, marriage, parenting, and the search for community. Readers of Frederick Buechner's Telling Secrets: A Memoir will find themsleves edified by his close encounters with God's presence in his scary and sad experiences.