John B. Cobb, Jr., grapples with two hard questions in this slim paperback: where did mainline churches go wrong and what can be done now? This book is right in line with the author's previous works, Lay Theology and Becoming a Thinking Christian. Cobb, a United Methodist, believes that mainline churches have lost their shared convictions and the professionalism of theology. It is high time to rid the churches of anti-Judaism, the second-class treatment of women, and the lack of interest in ecology.

Cobb boldly states the need "to proclaim an inclusive salvation, the salvation of the world." This will lead, in his view, to a less patriarchal, less hierarchical, more inclusive, and more lay oriented church. There is also a need for a bold new ecumenism and a reclaiming of "the mystery, Spirit and Wisdom of God." Cobb's agenda is worth thinking and talking about in mainline churches.