Brian C. Taylor is a rector of St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Albuquerque and a student of Zen meditation and spiritual direction. In this book he lifts up and spells out a vibrant, mature, and adventuresome view of Christianity that is "big enough to honor the richness, diversity and sacredness of all." According to Taylor, the focus of faith and contemplative practice is the present moment, God-in-life. He infuses the Christian tradition of Scripture, theology, and liturgy with new force and possibility.

In a stirring chapter on Jesus, Taylor points out that his emphasis upon seeing the Kingdom of God everywhere is a path which can give sacred meaning to everyday life. "We say that God took flesh in Jesus, but God also takes on flesh in all of creation." This sacramental thrust lies behind Taylor's concluding thoughts on the movement of Spirit within our body, our relationships, community, society, and the whole universe. The riches and the relevance of the Christian contemplative tradition must be set free to proclaim the immediate presence of God in life. Brian C. Taylor's visionary book does just that.