Edited an Australian film producer and director John Swindells, this book presents excerpts from an interview with the pathfinding Benedictine monk (1906-1993) just before his death in India. Bede Griffiths reminisces about his middle-class upbringing in England, his early enchantment with nature and poetry, his intellectual pursuits at Oxford, time spent in an experimental commune, and 25 years as a monk.

In India, this Catholic found the other half of his soul; his mystical and intuitive side. He talks about his Christian ashram, the links between science and spirituality, and his enthusiasm for world religions and what they have in common with each other. The most poignant section of the book is where Griffiths talks about how a stroke opened him up to the feminine. Surrender to the Mother was the message that came to his heart. The human search of this extraordinary spiritual teacher has much to teach us about Divine Presence, mysticism, and a re-imagining of Christianity.