In this beautifully designed volume, spiritual writer Andrew Harvey and his collaborator in life and in work, Eryk Hanut, a writer and photographer, have assembled a distinguished collection of writings and illustrations of Mary. The twelve chapters are organized around these themes: Mary, the Divine Mother; A Heart Journey to Mother; Ave, Ave, Ave Mafia; Mary in the Scriptures; Messages; Mother of Love; Let the Whole Earth Praise Her; Prayers; Mary in Islam; Coming to Know Her Divine Radiance; Giving Birth to a Miracle of Grace; and Mary and Her Son Jesus.

These quotations and mystical insights proclaim the importance of the Divine Feminine in breaking down the walls that separate human beings from each other. Harvey writes in the introduction: "Mary's message is a simple one: 'Realize the essential unity in my Sacred Heart of everything that lives; ripen that knowledge and love through continual prayer; enact that knowledge in every aspect of life to irradiate life with my power, truth, tenderness, and passion for justice.' All the old barriers between faiths, peoples, sexualities, castes must now be dissolved, for differences create division, and there is no time left for the dubious luxury of divisiveness." In this book, each day of the year is an opportunity to venerate Mary and join her in the work of healing and nurturing the world.

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