This is Chicksaw poet and essayist Linda Hogan's second novel. It is an exquisitely written tale about Angel, a 17 year old who, after years in foster homes, returns to her Native American family's stomping grounds. She is taken in by her great-grandmother Agnes and her great-great-grandmother Dora-Rouge, a radiant elder. But the person who really gives her glimpses of her past is Bush, a solitary soul who communes with the land. Together, the four women journey through the wilderness to their ancestral homeland. Angel ripens and deepens as a person on this dangerous trek. Eventually she meets her deranged mother who nearly killed her when she was a child. Linda Hogan mirrors the transformations in Angel's life with the threats to tribal land posed by a hydroelectric dam project. Solar Storms is a unique coming of age story which also presents a fascinating portrait of the spirit worlds of Native Americans.