"Our dreams recover what the world forgets," writes James Hillman in "Dream Animals" in this book, a collaboration with painter Margot McLean. Here the bestselling author of The Soul's Code celebrates "the great ark of images" that animals bring into our dreams. Instead of analyzing, Hillman prefers to do what he calls "psychic ecology." With pieces on snakes, household mice, polar bears, horses, rats, lions and tigers, giraffes, pigs, and bugs, he tries to animate the image-"giving a life-soul back to the snake that may have been removed from it by your desire to understand it."Let the animal teach you, advises Hillman. "For the dream animal shows us that the imagination has jaws and paws, that it can wake us in the night with panic and terror or move us to tears." As usual, Hillman is a dazzling wizard affirming our mystical participation with all creatures, asking them questions, and reflecting upon their diminishing presence in our lives. This wonderful book more than fulfills objective, "to look at animals again and see their living forms so that we respond to them with the gift of intelligence." McLean's subtle and mystical art complements the depth of the text.