John Broomfield, President of the California Institute of Integral Studies from 1983 to 1990, is a hospitable bridge builder who knows a lot about indigenous cultures around the world. He has gathered together ancestral teachings and invaluable insights into human nature in Other Ways of Knowing. The shattering of the classical way of interpreting the world has opened us up to a way of knowing that blends body, mind, and spirit. These old traditions enable us to recognize a multidimensional present, the rebirth of the feminine, the reality of interspecies communication, and a universe of interconnected meanings.

Broomfield covers a wide swath of material in chapters on harmony with nature, attunement to the silent center, a new brand of medicine based on the body's consciousness and community health, holistic education, and spiritual politics. The wisdom of indigenous people provides us all with opportunities to practice connections, openness, compassion, and wonder. Other Ways of Knowing is the kind of book that you can return to again and again for glints of wisdom!