This is a brief inspirational tale that will wiggle its way into your heart and leave you yearning for more. Joe is a 72-year-old holy man who resides in "a no-frills monastery" with seven friends who are monks. His favorite bit of wisdom dispensed to pilgrims who enter the door after waiting patiently in line to see him is, "If you look on everyone you meet as a holy person, you will be happy." Joe's Zen-like approach enables an angry man to see his temper, a grieving man his possessiveness, and a persecuted woman her dependence upon an enemy. Joe is a world class spiritual teacher whose wit, humility, and love of life are genuine. The Holy Man by Susan Trott is a parabolic gem that abounds with delights. It gently and persuasively reminds us how simple and eloquent true holiness really is.