In A Circle of Prayer Holly Bridges explores some of the interesting and innovative ways various groups are using this powerful spiritual force. She defines a circle of prayer as "an alliance of people who come together to manifest compassion for, empathy for and unity with another or others."

Bridges, author of Beholding God in Many Faces, has a wonderful knack for finding the sacred in the ordinary. Some of the groups she writes about are a healing team from an Episcopal church, a group of social activists in the desert, a circle of friends supporting a dying friend, a cadre of women exploring spirituality together, a shamanism group, a band of artists in a hospital, and a prayer group in a center for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. What all of these people share is a solid belief in the healing power of prayer, compassion, and mutual support. Throughout the book, Bridges outlines steps for creating and nurturing a circle of prayer in your community or household.