Neale Donald Walsch is a syndicated radio talk show host and acclaimed author of more than 20 books, including the seven-part Conversations with God series. His books have sold more than seven million copies worldwide. Walsch is the founder of the nonprofit Conversations with God Foundation and the creator of Humanity's Team, a worldwide grassroots movement to assist in causing a new form of spirituality to emerge upon the earth. Check out his website at

In this conversation with God, Walsh considers the New Spirituality that is emerging as a replacement for the one that sees God as judgmental. His is not really a new God but an expanded version of the Alpha and Omega, the All in All. Walsh believes that individuals all over the place are already having conversations with this God. Revelation is an ongoing process and not limited to special people or certain periods of history. Tomorrrow's God is not "a singular Super Being, but an extraordinary process called Life." This means that human beings are one with God and one with each other. No one is better than anyone else. Tomorrow's God is unconditionally loving and changing all the time.

Walsh believes that all of these views add up to spiritually infused politics, economics, education, relationships, and sexuality. He spells out what this all means in the book. Walsh does a fine job conveying the incredible problem of global poverty where roughly 3.6 billion people (or 60 percent of humanity) live on less than $3 a day. Most of these same people have an impoverished diet, no access to health care. and live in shantytowns without power, clean water, or fire and police protection. Walsh quotes Duane Elgin who in Promise Ahead asks: "Will we or will we not take a collective responsibility for the health of the human family on the planet? How we respond to that wake-up call will be a direct measure of our maturity as an evolving species."

One way to work on this global problem is to redefine wealth as access and availability. Walsh talks about a shift from a possessions and power economy to a use and cooperative economy. Here four families might share one vacuum cleaner, washing machine, or car. In a spiritually infused economy every person would subordinate him- or herself to highest good for all. It would be nice to hear some of these ideas on sharing and generosity in the political debates being held this year!

Walsh has a wonderful acronym in English that bears much thought: SATAN (Seeing Any Thing As Negative). Negativity is part of the old religious paradigm that creates separations between people and is based on judgmentalism. Walsh's new vision opens up fresh ways of thinking. This conversation with God offers much food for thought on issues of importance.