John Izzo has devoted the past 25 years to facilitating deeper conversations about values, work, life, leadership, and success. He is the author of three previous books and for years offered workshops on creating spirited workplaces. In this paperback, he uses experiences from his own life and illustrative material from others to get at the possibility of "second innocence." What does he mean by this term? It is a reconnection with the exuberant qualities we felt as children. However, it is not to be confused with childish naivete. Rather it is a zest for life in the face of disappointments, setbacks, and even suffering.

For example, Izzo recalls that his grandfather used to grow very tired and comment on how fatigued he was. Yet as he sunk down into his chair, he smiled and said what "a good tired" it was. The point is clear — everything that comes with second innocence is a matter of perspective. Izzo spells out ways to find wonder in the daily journey, joy in the workplace, innocence in relationships, and faith in the realm of the spirit. For those who are exhausted by the cynicism and jaded ethical perspectives afoot in the culture and the marketplace, this volume just might hit the spot for you and percolate your enthusiasm for a spiritual makeover.