As an internationally known author, lecturer, retreat leader and spiritual director, Megan McKenna has provided readers of her fifteen books with an incisive understanding and appreciation for the power, mystery and passion of the Gospel. In this short but substantive volume, she discusses the twenty mysteries of Christ's life as contemplated in the Rosary. Or as she puts it, "if we are to 'take up the Rosary' once again as part of our tradition, we must 'take up the cross' and 'take the Word of God into our hearts' along with the poor, the victims of injustice and violence" (13). McKenna sees devotion to Mary and surrender to deep mysteries of the life of Jesus of Nazareth as being all of one piece. The author explains and offers meditations on the five joyful mysteries of the announcement of the Incarnation, the Visitation of the Word, the Birth of the Word of God, the Presentation of Jesus to God, and the Finding of the Young Man Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem. McKenna goes on to take a look at the Luminous Mysteries, or the Mysteries of Light which were added by Pope John Paul 11. Then comes the Sorrowful Mysteries and The Glorious Mysteries. All those who have treasured McKenna's keen interpretations of the Gospels will savor these excellent devotional exercises as well. Justice is not left by the wayside. The author calls "everyone who prays the Rosary to engage in the active work of justice, care for the poor, dialogue, nonviolent conflict negotiation, demand for universal law, and resistance to the idea of the use of weapons and military force as inevitable or even to be considered, except as an extreme possibility after every other option has been exhausted" (11).