The Art of Sexual Magic by Margot Anand is an audio workshop on the art of tapping into the full power of sexual energy as a sacred practice. Through her SkyDancing Institutes, she teaches tantra as a path to total orgasm of the whole being. Anand begins with ways to heal old sexual wounds and blocks, showing how to move beyond culture-induced shame and guilt. She then presents erotic rituals (creating a sacred space for sex, envisioning a symbol that is the emblem of your desire) and meditations which can help couples transform their consciousness and utilize the energy of orgasm for healing, ecstasy, and cosmic connection.

These exercises are designed to draw couples closer together in a fusion that is mystical and mutually fulfilling. Along the way Anand has some important things to say about the beloved as an aspect of the divine, letting go, the wild self, laughter, and maintaining a heart connection with your partner.