Dorothy C. Bass and twelve other Christian theologians and educators are convinced that modern day believers can look to their own traditions to find spiritual meaning and depth at home, at work, and in the community. The essays in Practicing Our Faith present a multidenominational perspective as men and women, Catholics and Protestants, teachers and ministers offer ideas on serving God in the midst of everyday life. They delineate biblically based spiritual practices "that address fundamental needs and that, woven together, form a way of life."

The twelve practices include honoring the body, hospitality, household economics, keeping the Sabbath, testimony, discernment, forgiveness, healing, dying well, and singing our lives. The main audience for this helpful guide to spiritual practice is mainline Protestants who are not familiar with this dimension of Christian living. Those who want to use Practicing Our Faith in adult education programs can order a 56-page study guide for conversations, learning, and growth (800-956-7739).