Poetry in Quest of Courage Thirty-one poems to restore your reservoirs of courage. Hope
A Renaissance of Rituals An array of rituals that ground our yearnings and our devotion in concrete activities. Meaning
A Blessed Life Ten guiding principles -- Paramitas -- from the Buddha. Kindness
Ninety-Nine Names of God A journey of discovery and renewal with the Qualities of God revered in Islam/Sufism. Devotion
Pilgrimage as a Journey of the Heart An exploration of many dimensions of pilgrimages for those called to the journey today. Questing
Infusing Your Life with Creativity Reclaiming creative expression as a natural way of being. Imagination
Meeting and Romancing Your Shadow An e-course on illuminating the dark side of the soul. Shadow
World Wisdom Passages to reflect upon from the mystic heart of the world's religions. Meaning
Nine Promises of Lent A fresh approach to Lent through the lens of process thought. Connections
Lux Divina: An Advent Journey Reflections on the great themes of Advent to enrich the contemplative life. Wonder
A Journey of Discernment An e-course to learn to contemplatively discern the small and large decisions in life. Attention
Living La Vida Yoga Practical tips from the yoga tradition for every spiritual path. Transformation
Spiritual Elder Activism An e-course for those who want to synthesize their life experiences into a legacy for future generations. Justice
Celtic Spirituality An e-course exploring Celtic wisdom and poetry X-The Mystery
Ignatian Spirituality for Everyday Life A journey of exploration into this practical approach to Christian spirituality. Meaning
Moving Beyond Life's Hurts A guided journey in healing painful memories and relationships. You
Navigating Life's Transitions Understandings, practices, and rituals to support you through life changes. Questing
Everyday Mysticism A holiday season array of quotes about contemplation, communion, and doing our part to mend the world. Reverence
Fostering Your Prophetic Imagination An e-course for finding the right metaphors -- in images and words -- that give voice to your soul. Vision
The Mindful Life An e-course on how to bring the practice of mindfulness into everyday activities. Being Present
Gifts of a Scarred Soul An e-course on how the spiritual challenge of struggle transforms us. Transformation
Beauty and Wisdom in the Qur'an An e-course on timeless insights and practices gleaned from reflections on verses of the Qur’an. Faith
Soulful Aging An e-course on aging as the positive lifelong process of becoming a person. Questing
A Field Guide to Solitude - 2017 A pathway to being alone that brings you closer to wholeness, wisdom, and well-being. Silence
The Miracle of Breath An e-course guide to breathing practice for personal healing, social engagement, and spiritual deepening. Being Present
Reframing A 21-day program on seeing things differently as you put your mind under new management. Transformation
Wisdom for Advent and Christmas Quotes to assure our hearts during the Christian holy days. Hope
Poetry to Lift Your Spirits A month's worth of poems celebrating an upwelling of life and spirit. Joy
Becoming Truly Human: Gurdjieff's Obligolnian Strivings A Lenten study of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff's Five Strivings. Attention
The Transformation of Suffering Soul-stirring meditations on art and other practices for an intentional journey during Lent. Questing
Lumen Divinum: A Retreat for Advent A delving into the great themes of Advent to enrich the contemplative life. Wonder
Teilhard for Our Times A view into the heart and vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Vision
Embracing Living: The Welcoming Prayer Step-by-step instructions on Welcoming Prayer to deepen this profound practice. Transformation
Finding Peace in Turbulent Times An exploration of why peace had been elusive, and how we can find it in our lives and the world. Peace
Practicing Spirituality with Native Americans Perspectives on respect for the Earth, all creatures, the Great Spirit, and our interconnections. Reverence
As It Is: Spiritual Journaling Guidance on using spiritual journaling to explore interior, interpersonal, social, and sacred realities. You
Thomas Berry: Prophet and Mystic of the Earth An exploration of the contemplative depth and call to practice in Thomas Berry's works. Reverence
Living with Uncertainty Reminders and tools that help you make room for anything to happen. X-The Mystery
Practicing Spirituality with Anthony de Mello A 40-day exploration of the wisdom stories and spiritual practices of the renowned Indian spiritual director. Devotion
Wisdom for Living: The Parables of Jesus An exploration of the wise and revolutionary teachings of Jesus through the lens of the parables. Meaning
Wisdom Stories from the Sufi Tradition Sufi stories that serve as multidimensional symbols for the education of the soul. Listening
Every Body's Prayer: Expressing Faith through Movement An exploration of the role of movement in personal faith and communal worship. Being Present
The Gift of Life A contemplative engagement with the great themes of Lent as a way of seeing, reflecting, and then living them in your own life. Transformation
Journey into Mercy An e-course flowing from the 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis. Compassion
The Spirituality of the Gospels Fresh interpretations of intelligent, challenging, and incredibly inspiring gospel texts. Faith
Poetry to Nourish the Soul A month's worth of poems to deepen your sense of peace, balance, love, and joy. Nurturing
A Simple Immediacy: Desert Wisdom for Advent Teachings from the Desert Fathers and Mothers on classic Advent themes. Being Present
One Love: Navigating Life by Heart Teachings and practices on embodied spirituality, our ethical compass, longing for God, and unity. Love
Learning to Accept Grief as a Lifelong Companion Explore obstacles to grieving, revise our narratives, and build resilience so we are better able to hold our sorrow. You
Sacred Presence with the Dying Guidance on how to create a peaceful and sacred environment for a person who is dying. Being Present
Making Peace with Death and Dying Insights into the social, psychological, physical, and spiritual dimensions of facing our mortality. Peace
The Bhagavad Gita: Yoga's Essence Teachings that capture the central teachings of the Gita and the essence of Hinduism’s universal precepts. Devotion
Thomas Merton's Abiding Legacy A review of Merton's key wisdom teachings on the contemplative life and their continuing relevance to contemporary life. Attention
Practicing Spirituality at Work Ideas to foster the inner work necessary to make your outer work more meaningful. Kindness
Practicing Spirituality with Rumi An opportunity to polish your heart with the poetry of the Sufi master. Yearning
Practicing Spirituality with Anglicans Thought-provoking quotes and practices from Episcopalian preachers, teachers, and spiritual directors. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with Animals An opportunity for deeper encounters with the animals in your life as spiritual teachers. Teachers
Practicing Spirituality with Protestants Progressive Protestant teachings on love, justice, prayer, and social action. Justice
Practicing Spirituality with Catholics An exploration of this enchanted world of devotional and contemplative practices. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with Friends An exploration of the recurring challenges and enduring rewards of friendship. Being Present
Practicing Spirituality with Jews Quotes and practices that reinforce this tradition's emphasis on the sacredness of everyday life. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with Jesus Many diverse perspectives on the man from Nazareth by Christians and those from other traditions. Faith
Practicing Spirituality with Buddhists An abundant repository of wise practices you can use on your spiritual journey. Being Present
Practicing Spirituality with Jesus (2) Passages to help you identify with Jesus and "be Jesus" to families, friends, colleagues, and world. Teachers
Practicing Spirituality in Nature A celebration of the Divine in the natural world. Reverence
Practicing Spirituality at Home Ways to make home-based activities into experiences of the sacred. Being Present
Practicing Spirituality through Creativity Quotes and practices to give your inner artist room to play. Imagination
Practicing Spirituality with Taoists Encouragement to lead a more balanced, energetic, resilient, and respectful life. Openness
Practicing Spirituality with Pema Chodron Teachings on cultivating compassion and joy from a very popular Buddhist writer with an accessible style. Compassion
Practicing Spirituality with Children Ideas for being a spiritual companion to your children, grandchildren, young friends, and inner child. Play
Practicing Spirituality with Thich Nhat Hanh Tools from a world renowned spiritual leader to help you be at peace in every area of your life. Compassion
Practicing Spirituality with Henri J. M. Nouwen An exploration of the holy uses of adversity with a world renowned spiritual guide. Forgiveness
Beating the Blahs Nuggets for restoring your resolve and getting over the feeling of being stuck. Zeal
Dealing with Disappointment Practices that get at the roots of disappointment and keep us from closing our hearts. Meaning
Letting Go Teachings from the wisdom traditions to help you experience the freedom of releasing things. Transformation
Practicing Spirituality with Thomas Moore Ways to care for your soul through teachings steeped in mythology, psychology, and philosophy. Meaning
Practicing Spirituality with Sufis An awesome compendium of wisdom, both practical and profound, from the mystical expression of Islam. Yearning
Practicing Spirituality during Illness Tools to help identify and apply the gifts of illness — for those who are sick and caregivers. Transformation
Practicing Spirituality with Hindus A view into the experiential heart of the world's oldest living religion. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with His Holiness the Dalai Lama A study of the religion of kindness with Nobel laureate and revered leader Tenzin Gyatso. Peace
Practicing Spirituality with the World's Religions An exploration of interspirituality — the commonalities among the religions. Hospitality
Practicing Spirituality with Joan Chittister A study of contemplation and action from one of the most prophetic voices in progressive Christianity. Justice
Practicing Spirituality with Jesus - Lenten Edition Many diverse perspectives on the man from Nazareth, formatted for use during Lent. Faith
The Cry of the Prophet An opportunity to explore the prophets' call to a visionary fullness of life. Justice
Practicing Spirituality with Money A look at your beliefs, habits, and ideals about money and alternative values. Gratitude
Practicing Spirituality with Quakers Resources to lighten your burdens, keep your soul alive, and inspire you to work for others. Silence
Patience Builders Wisdom about allowing things to unfold in their own time. Peace
The Essence of the Qur'an Commentaries on passages from Islam's holy book about universal spiritual principles that can guide our hearts. Meaning
Practicing Spirituality with Ram Dass Wisdom about being present, acting with compassion, conscious aging, deep listening, and more. Being Present
Practicing Spirituality with Joyce Rupp Encouragement to bring your spirituality into the light of your everyday life. Connections
Catalysts for Change Readings and spiritual practices to help you make small steps to turn your life around. Transformation
InterSpiritual Wisdom An opportunity to study sacred texts from different traditions under the guidance of six pioneers of InterSpirituality. Connections
Lovingkindness A classic Buddhist practice that shows you how to be kind in expanding circles, starting with yourself. Kindness
Intercessory Prayer Guidance on the most common and most misunderstood form of prayer plus ways to expand the focus of your prayers. Compassion
Practicing Spirituality with Edward Hays Unusual prayer practices for daily use in all circumstances. Devotion
The Wisdom of the Rebbes with Rabbi Rami A retreat on four ways to God embraced by Hasidism: wisdom, study, faith, and humility. Teachers
The Liberating Promise of Mindfulness Teachings about moment-to-moment awareness, a Buddhist practice that can dramatically enhance the way we live. Attention
Practicing Spirituality with Brother David Steindl-Rast Wisdom about gratefulness as the heart of prayer and the most liberating path to joy and grace. Gratitude
Rumi - Living a Spiritual Life Commentaries and audio meditations revealing the universal spiritual teaching in Rumi's unforgettable metaphors. Transformation
InterSpiritual Meditation Key understandings behind and instructions for a universal seven-step practice drawn from the world's spiritual traditions. Unity
Practicing Spirituality with Eknath Easwaran A path of love and service to explore with a pioneer of interspirituality. Unity
Practicing Spirituality with Kent Nerburn Wisdom to help you dwell in the loveliness, the grandeur, and the meaning of everyday spirituality. Reverence
Pausing An invitation to embrace a new paradigm of becoming more by doing less, practicing self-care, and really paying attention. Being Present
Creating Your Life Wise insights and practical steps to help you move towards a genuine feeling of satisfaction, depth, and worth. You
Practicing Spirituality with Richard Rohr Guidelines for getting your devotional life in sync with ethical actions. Questing
Contemplative Discernment Guidance on a process for opening and listening to receive clues about who we are in God. Listening
Centering Prayer Teachings about a no-frills form of meditation which reconnects directly to Christianity’s hidden treasury of mystical wisdom. Transformation
Practicing Spirituality with Sharon Salzberg An accomplished Buddhist teacher unfolds the riches of meditation. Compassion
Child of the Light An Advent retreat creating a quiet haven away from holiday busyness where you can reflect upon readings, prayers, and hymns. Faith
The Wisdom of Muhammad A welcoming study of the compassionate, flexible, and noble character of the Prophet Muhammad. Teachers
Beyond Recovery The Twelve Steps applied to the addiction from which almost all of us suffer: the addiction to control. Transformation
The Tao Te Ching as a Path and a Practice Commentary on Tao passages highlighting key themes and personal applications of the wisdom. Attention
Praying for Justice and Peace Prayer practices to cultivate a powerful, peaceful response to injustices, conflicts, and violence. Justice
Living the Hours A journey through the monastic practice of punctuating each day with eight points of prayer. Being Present
Exploring the Psalms An opportunity to experience these popular Biblical texts richly through historical and poetic understanding. Faith
The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers Wisdom from people of God who lived out a spirituality that still resonates strongly for us today. Faith
Trusting in Life Video talks by the Benedictine brother and texts exploring faith as a deeply rooted attitude towards life. Faith
The Wisdom Jesus A spiritually inclusive exploration of Jesus' parables and Beatitudes focusing on transformational practices. Transformation
Practicing the Presence of God Ways to make every moment of your life into a sacrament of communion with the Divine. Being Present
Ways to Pray from Around the World How to incorporate 12 creative spiritual practices from different cultures and religious traditions into your prayer life. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with Thomas Merton (2012) Wisdom from an extraordinary Trappist monk, writer, civil rights activist, and peacemaker. Peace
Practicing Spirituality with Parker J. Palmer A multidisciplinary approach to change and transformation as an essential part of the human adventure. Transformation
Engaging Hope Ways to become aware of the opportunity that a given moment offers, freeing us from predictability. Hope
Fear Busters Antidotes to help you cultivate fearlessness, love, and compassion in counterpoint to this potent emotion. Openness
Discovering What's Enough Guidance for identifying what you really need and what is a sufficiently beautiful contribution to the world. Vision
Choosing to Love An exploration of the deep experience of belonging. Love
Cultivating Contentment Spiritual wisdom and practices on being content with who you are and where you are in your life. Being Present
Working with Worry A treasure trove of insights and practices for giving worry less air time. Faith
Becoming a Wise Elder A journey through eight gates, each with its own gift, task, and challenge, on the way to becoming wise people. Transformation
Practicing Spirituality with Thomas Keating Extraordinary insights about faith, grace, silence, communion with God, peace, and personal renewal. Peace
The Gospel of Thomas A complete "starter kit" on this remarkable text considered to be the earliest of Jesus' wisdom teachings. Transformation
Defusing Anger Ways to understand and work with your own and other people's anger. Peace
Presence - Relationship with Divine Love Practices from fourteen centuries of Sufi wisdom universally relevant across spiritual traditions. Being Present
The Sage's Tao Te Ching Teachings on the sage as a model for a life of spirited freedom, contentment, wisdom, and playfulness. Transformation
The Wisdom of A Course in Miracles Wisdom about achieving inner peace through forgiveness and a shift in perception from fear to love. Forgiveness
The Way of the Spiritually Independent An email retreat for the growing number of seekers without borders drawn to wisdom wherever it may be found. Questing
Mastering the Art of Resilience Guidance for coping with and rebounding from adversity in a wide variety of situations. Transformation
The Gospel of Thomas for Advent Wisdom sayings on themes of watchfulness, spiritual generativity, light, and the fullness of time. Questing
ReStorying Your Life Guidance through "life review" of your history, grief and gratitude, present path, and legacy. You
Advent of the Heart An exploration of the Path of Heartfulness, coming into a deep awareness of the love of God. Faith
Practicing Spirituality with Lawrence Kushner Ways to apply the teachings of Jewish mystics in everyday life. Faith
Photography as a Spiritual Path Essays and exercises to help you make the finding and taking of pictures part of your contemplative practice and your activist activities. Imagination
Crafting Your Own Religion How to work with time-honored elements to create a personal religion out of your own experience and inspiration. You
Releasing the Contemplative in You Wisdom and practices revealing the role of reading and writing on a contemplative journey. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with Brian McLaren Inspiration to find fresh ways to worship and bring theology down to earth. Connections
The Grace of Lent Contemplative meditations on art and other practices for an intentional journey on the path of divine love. Grace
Lectio Divina The ancient practice of praying the Scriptures, a way of sacred listening rediscovered and renewed in our time. Meaning
Forgiveness: A Growth in Love Instructions in the Prayer of Forgiveness, a divine gift of love that helps us discover our true nature. Forgiveness
Lean In, Lighten Up and Let Go An interactive online retreat to encourage a life of prayer and practice both on the chair and in daily life. Play
The Grace of Advent An opportunity to wake up to ourselves and in doing so, to move towards a joy-filled life in God. Grace
Walking on Sacred Earth Contemplative engagement practices and intentional walks for experiencing nature as fully alive and spiritually radiant. Wonder
Transformative Travel A satchel-full of practices, rituals, and tricks of attention to give your next journey the most meaning, joy, and significance. Questing
Remembrance - The Spiritual Practice of Zhikr A Sufi practice to develop continuous awareness of divine support through the knowing of the heart. Beauty
Practicing Spirituality with Teaching Stories Ways to access and apply the universal truths and evergreen applications of favorite stories. Teachers
Living Your Legacy: Seeds, Blossoms, Fruits Ways to be intentional about the legacy you live and leave to your family, colleagues, and community. Vision
The Holy Fool A chance to lighten up your spiritual life by embracing mistakes, imperfection, and silly possibilities. Play
Zen and Everyday Life A variety of Zen practices designed to help you clear away confusion and express your unique response to what's happening all around you. Attention
Spiritual Practices from the Gurdjieff Work A practical exploration of the enigmatic teacher's transformative practices for attention and self-remembering. Attention
Poetry to Transform Your Life A month's worth of poems to transport you into a world full of awe, wonder, marvel, deep sorrow, or joy. Transformation
Holy Silence: The Quaker Way Ways to access the quiet inner place where God grants us insights, guidance, and understanding of truth. Silence
Silence and the Spiritual Journey A Lenten retreat on the traditional signpostsof a spiritual journey of purification into illumination, contemplation, and union. Silence
Silence and Centering Prayer Teachings to assist participants in learning, renewing, and establishing a daily Centering Prayer practice as the foundation for the contemplative life. Silence
Silence Night, Holy Night: A Retreat for Advent Scriptures and mystical writings delving into the great themes of Advent to enrich the contemplative life. Silence
Practicing Spirituality with Edward Hays - Lenten Edition New ways to connect with the Divine in the midst of our hectic and hurried lives. Devotion
Breaking Free: Liberation through Interfaith Dialogue A look at issues we face in a pluralistic society and ways to transcend roadbloacks to effective collaboration. Hospitality
Creating Sanctuary for Ourselves and Others An exploration of sacred space as both a personal boon and a cultural need that we all have a responsibility to fulfill. Nurturing