We all want to try to manifest something -- a great job, good health, a loving relationship, inner peace, outer peace. The aspects of life we may each desire to manifest are varied and deeply personal. But how does one actually manifest? One approach worth exploring is both new and timeless. It doesn’t require you to write your goals down multiple times per day, download an app that might sell your most intimate data, or make a change in your mindset that feels forced or fake.

It asks you to tap into your imagination, to use the dreams and images which arise from your subconscious to create a new kind of conversation between it and your conscious mind. Using an approach and techniques called Saphire Imagery, this one-month e-course will present a primer on the subconscious and its powerful role in manifestation and co-creation. Our guide for the month, Catherine Shainberg, describes the process of tapping into the subconscious through inner gazing in dreams and imagery to literally create light within akin to the light of creation. In this way, our subconscious is a portal to manifestation. She says:

“Most of us have no clue how to access this great power. Unlike the conscious mind, the unconscious cannot be worked out, analyzed or pinned down, it can only be received. It will come in whatever form it chooses . . . And it speaks to us most truthfully in our dreams and images.”

“The Subconscious - Our Access to the Light of Creation” is a four-week online program led by Catherine Shainberg, Ph.D., an internationally renowned transpersonal psychologist, lecturer, teacher, visionary, and award-winning author. Grounded in the ancient Kabbalah of Light, her work integrates its timeless wisdom with modern Western traditions to catalyze creative manifestation at all levels and in all areas of life. After decades spent studying the Kabbalah of Light in Jerusalem with renowned Kabbalist, mystic, and teacher Colette Aboulker-Muscat, as lineage bearer of this tradition she created the School of Images® based on her profound realization about the power of images to create, manifest and transform. The author of Kabbalah of Light - Ancient Practices to Ignite the Imagination and Illuminate the Soul, Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming and DreamBirth, she conducts imagery and dreaming classes, workshops, and certification programs in the U.S. and at the nine International Schools of Imagery she created around the world.

The e-course will consist of emails sent on Mondays (October 3, 10, 17, and 24) with a brief essay by Catherine Shainberg on the process of using the imagination to tap into the subconscious. She will recommend some additional resources and offer a simple imagery exercise for you to try during the week. Then on Thursdays (October 6, 13, 20, and 27), Catherine will lead live Zoom gatherings from 12:00 to 12:45 pm PT (find the time in your area here). We encourage you to make every effort to attend, so you can participate interactively with the class. These Zooms will be recorded so you can view them later if you are unable to attend the live sessions.

Throughout the month, you also will have access to an online Practice Circle to share your experiences and explore the dreams and images that arise from the weekly exercises and the Zoom sessions. The Practice Circle will be coordinated by Samantha Smallwood-Pounds, a practitioner and member of the Teachers’ Council at the School of Images. Samantha will be a consistent presence in the Practice Circle, checking what is shared in response to our work, answering questions and providing support where needed, and making notes of any interesting issues and highlights that might be interesting to the whole group. Catherine’s presentations will be based in part upon the interactions between the sessions in the Practice Circle.

Over the four weeks, we will prime the pump of our subconscious in a unique and illuminating way by exploring:

How to Tap into the Subconscious
What role does the subconscious play in manifestation and co-creation? How and why is this approach to the subconscious different? How do we access it?

The Question
How do we formulate “the question” as the true expression of what we want and need to see.
How does this incubate dreams and coalesce in a vision or in imagery that reveals the truth of the matter?

The Four Worlds, the Four Levels, and the Four Ways of Seeing
· What do I see?
· The Tikkun (repair)
· Dream Opening
· Expanding the Inner Dialogue

The Jolt
What is the jolt and why is it essential in working with images and dreams?
Verification in dream work and its role as witness.

Spirituality & Practice is so pleased to welcome Catherine Shainberg to our community of e-course presenters, and we hope you will join us for her inaugural program!

Monday, October 3 - Thursday, October 27


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