Most of us have felt Spirit's whisper among the trees, by the ocean, or in relation to an animal or plant. These experiences often change us, inspire us, or clarify our thinking. Sometimes these moments of grace awaken us and transform our lives; we remember them forever.

"Walking on Sacred Earth" provides guided opportunities for deepening our intimacy with the natural world. When we see all of life as sacred, we also experience ourselves as part of the web of life in relationship with all beings. We are encouraged to establish a respectful connection with the Earth community so that we can move into a just and sustainable way of being on the planet. This is the goal of the movement known as eco-spirituality.

This 12-part contemplative retreat will help you learn this way of awakening to nature, experiencing the natural world as fully alive and spiritually radiant. It is a way of intention, reciprocity, and intimacy.

Emailed lessons will help you explore and connect with the natural world within your own community. You will be encouraged to reflect upon your own history with nature, spend time outdoors, be inspired by visual and written images of nature, and cultivate your ability to listen more deeply to your surroundings. This retreat invites you to slow down and simply experience the natural world with open awareness. You will be invited into silence, stillness, deep listening, curiosity, and awe.

Here's what you can expect during this e-course:

• You will receive a total of 12 emails. Each will contain the day's teaching and practices, a link to a video and/or audio messages from Nancy, and a link to a YouTube video to bring you a "moment of awe."

These themes will be covered:
• The sense of place and extraordinary experiences in nature
• Cultivating intimacy with the natural world: I-Thou relationships
• Cultivating intimacy with the natural world: relationship and interconnection
• Nourishing our earth community

• Suggested practices will be designed to encourage a contemplative engagement with nature. They will include journaling about your own experiences in nature, reading nature poetry, using guided meditations to be present where you are, and doing some simple "Spiritual Earth Practices." You will also be encouraged to do "Nature Connections" exercises and to take "Intentional Walks."

Our leader for this eco-spirituality retreat is Nancy Rowe, an Associate Professor and Chair of the Global Master's Program at Sofia University, formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Her teaching, writing, workshops, retreats, and presentations focus on Earth-based spirituality and the power of imagination. Nancy also teaches a course entitled "Choosing a Spiritual Practice" with the Center for Sacred Studies, an Earth-based ministerial program where she was ordained.

We invite you to explore the riches of a spiritual path rooted in deep connection with sacred Earth. To register, click on the "Subscribe to E-Course" button below.

(4 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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