Fear is a very potent emotion. In these days of terrorism alerts, economic uncertainty, threats to the environment, global health scares, war and rampant violence, every aspect of daily life seems to be polluted by it. Through its power of suggestion, we find ourselves running various scenarios of destruction in our minds. And the media is more likely to cover a story that feeds our fear than one that supports our optimism.

Fear plays upon our natural feelings of vulnerability and turns them into expectations that something terrible could happen to us. Fear is addictive; once we get going down that path, we notice even more reasons to be afraid.

Recovery programs say that it takes three weeks — 21 days — to break a bad habit or to start a new practice. To help you cope with runaway fears, we have collected 21 "Fear Busters," nuggets of spiritual wisdom coupled with simple exercises that you can do to work with any fears you may be wrestling with — and break the fear habit.

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