In the past 20 years, Thomas Moore has almost single-handedly revived interest in the soul. His bestselling books have also provided an adventuresome map of everyday spirituality. Moore was a monk in a Catholic religious order for 12 years and then practiced psychotherapy. He is a Renaissance man whose works are filled with illustrative material from mythology, psychology, philosophy, and contemporary spirituality. He has taken the pulse of the times and come to the conclusion that "loss of soul" is the cause of the restlessness, addiction, insecurity, and frustration of so many men and women.

We have long appreciated Moore's recipes for soulful living. He helps us see that we can learn from our flaws, follies, and tragedies. He correctly proclaims that soul cannot be separated from body, family, work, love, politics, or power. By challenging us to care for our souls, Moore draws a bead on the bounties of spirituality. In the end, he calls us to our true vocation — to care for the world's soul and to celebrate the sacred arts of life.

"Care of the soul," he has written, "requires craft — skill, attention, and art. To live with a high degree of artfulness means to attend to the small things that keep the soul engaged in whatever we are doing." This is exactly what we do in "Practicing Spirituality with Thomas Moore," a 40-part e-course. Each email offers a brief quotation from Moore's writings and a practice suggested by this teaching.

Join us on this journey as we care for our souls by cultivating the sacredness of everyday life.

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