It's obvious the world community is in for a long, painful, and unsettling journey. The financial crisis has aggravated long-standing problems of war, poverty, and epidemics. In these anxious days, we yearn for spiritual resources that can inspire us to work for others, help us to bear the burdens of our own lives, and keep our souls alive.

Quaker spirituality is filled with deep insights into God, human beings, and the world. This e-course in our popular Practicing Spirituality e-courses works with many practices that are part and parcel of this rich tradition. Many of them speak directly to our present condition.

The spiritual practice of silence is central to Quaker worship and life. It is something we desperately need in these strident times when noise pollution surrounds us and eats away at our peace. "True silence," according to William Penn, "is the rest of mind, and it is to the spirit, what sleep is to the body: nourishment and refreshment." Quakers can also teach us about the importance of seeing God in the faces of our family, friends, and neighbors; discerning God's will individually and as communities; letting our lives speak; nourishing the Inner Light; and more.

In difficult times, we need help pulling ourselves out of fear, disappointment, and helplessness. Here again the Quakers have time-tested strategies: live simply; blend inner spiritual examination and social action to create a more just world; live in truth and serve others. Some of the Quakers whose teachings are included in this e-course are Parker Palmer, J. Brent Bill, Rufus Jones, Scott Russell Sanders, Douglas Steere, Richard J. Foster, and others.

This e-course consists of 40 emails, each with a short passage by a Quaker writer and a suggestion for how to practice that thought during the day.

(6 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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