We like to think of ourselves as being somewhat in control of our lives. But events and circumstances often conspire to set us off course. In periods of economic crisis, war and political chaos, and widespread cultural change, uncertainty and insecurity make our journey feel ever more stressful and dangerous.

Magazines still publish listings of the "safest cities" or the "safest vacation spots" but we know there is no guaranteed safety anywhere. That is why spiritual teachers from all traditions counsel us to let go our need to control and to surrender to whatever shows up in our lives. They also warn us to realize that despair is a natural part of the human drama and is as commonplace as hope. We need to honor the unknowable as part of our adoption of an all-inclusive perspective. Being grateful to be part of the mystery is a path that offers a way through periods of great anxiety.

Spiritual practices can help us change our habitual ways as we try to live with different attitudes and understandings. Recovery programs say that it takes three weeks to break a habit or start a new practice. To receive 21 days worth of nuggets of spiritual wisdom and related exercises for learning to live with uncertainty, click on "Subscribe to E-Course" below.

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