DVD/Streaming Reviews

The Diplomat An eight-part series revealing the multiple challenges faced by a woman ambassador. Peace
A Good Person Touching story about three people who are able to face addiction and grief through their kindnesses to each other. Kindness
The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse A delightful adventure story about four new friends sharing their wisdom about life, challenges, and home. Kindness
The Elephant Whisperers Up-close and personal portrait of an indigenous couple in India who tutor us in the spiritual art of caregiving to animals. Nurturing
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On A heartwarming, hilarious, poignant, and life-affirming story about a mystical shell. Enthusiasm
A House Made of Splinters A documentary filmed inside a special orphanage in the Ukraine where the children express both sorrow and hope. Compassion
EO A travelogue starring a donkey who experiences the good, the bad, and the beautiful in our world Reverence
The Territory A documentary revealing how indigenous peoples are trying to protect their land -- and the whole Brazilian rainforest -- from the invasion of nonnative farmers and illegal settlers. Reverence
The Duke A true story about a elder who steals a painting in order to help others, demonstrating the philosophy of ubuntu. Kindness
Good Night Oppy A remarkably touching documentary about twin robots exploring Mars who became like family to people on Earth. Questing
After Yang A slow-moving nudge to savor the complexities and connections of life. Attention
White Noise An unforgettable movie about family, disasters, consumerism, addiction, and finding meaning in surprising places. Love
Nothing Compares A bold documentary about a prophetic singer and songwriter. Justice
Neptune Frost A mind-bending trip through a world both like and unlike our own. Connections
Living A well-crafted story about a bureaucrat's spiritual transformation in the face of death. Transformation
Nope A sci-fi horror flick that raises some interesting questions about why aliens might come to Earth and what for. Shadow
Empire of Light A tribute to how kindness creates friendships and how movies can be transformative. Kindness
Kangaroo Valley A fascinating documentary that probably will answer all the questions you have about kangaroos. Reverence
Call Jane An intimate account of a historical reproductive justice revolution. Justice
Hit the Road A delightful and deep exploration of Iranian politics through an intimate family lens. Love
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