DVD/Streaming Reviews

The Elephant Whisperers Up-close and personal portrait of an indigenous couple in India who tutor us in the spiritual art of caregiving to animals. Nurturing
A House Made of Splinters A documentary filmed inside a special orphanage in the Ukraine where the children express both sorrow and hope. Compassion
The Territory A documentary revealing how indigenous peoples are trying to protect their land -- and the whole Brazilian rainforest -- from the invasion of nonnative farmers and illegal settlers. Reverence
Good Night Oppy A remarkably touching documentary about twin robots exploring Mars who became like family to people on Earth. Questing
Nothing Compares A bold documentary about a prophetic singer and songwriter. Justice
Kangaroo Valley A fascinating documentary that probably will answer all the questions you have about kangaroos. Reverence
Tantura Documentary about the conflicting accounts of the genocide in a Palestinian village by Israeli troops, revealing the power of denial. Shadow
All That Breathes A stunning documentary about compassionate caregivers to the kites in New Delhi. Reverence
Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song The origin story of the spiritual song that has swept the world as a modern prayer. X-The Mystery
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America A startling and thoroughly researched documentary about the history of slavery and racism in the United States. Shadow
Descendant A thematically rich documentary about the last ship to bring enslaved people to the United States. Meaning
The Book Keepers A keen documentary with spiritual insights into grief and resilience. Grace
Cat Daddies Portraits of the mutually rewarding relationships between nine men and their cats, showing us what we can all learn from human-animal connections. Reverence
Escape from Kabul A hard-hitting documentary about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghan citizens. Shadow
Explorer Documentary portrait of the man considered to be the world’s greatest living explorer. Questing
Navalny A tribute to a heroic Russian freedom fighter. Justice
The Automat A delightful and culturally rich documentary about a ground-breaking food chain. Gratitude
Julia A tribute to Julia Child's enthusiasm and her inimitable love of cooking. Enthusiasm
The Conductor A portrait of a truly inspiring woman who has changed the classical music scene and empowered other women musicians. Connections
Not Going Quietly A portrait of a young man dying of ALS who inspires others to be heroes and urge public officials to secure health care for all Zeal
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