Film Reviews

The Call of the Wild A rousing adaptation of Jack London's exciting tale of a man and a dog's search for a true home in the Yukon. Reverence
Young Ahmed (Le Jeune Ahmed) An intense and sobering portrait of both sides of the spiritual practice of zeal. Zeal
Corpus Christi (Boze cialo) A parabolic film that becomes a fiery interrogation of the limits of communal and individual transformation. Faith
Beanpole A bleak but powerful exploration of post-war trauma. Yearning
Cunningham A mesmerizing journey through the creations of a visionary pioneer. Imagination
And Then We Danced (Da cven vicekvet) A moving exploration of coming out queer in a tradition-drenched society. Love
Just Mercy An emotional, fact-based look at justice long denied. Justice
Les Miserables A gut punching interrogation of police misconduct and mob justice. Justice
Little America A joyous collection of portraits of immigrant experiences inspired by true stories. Openness
Synonyms A beguiling meditation on belonging. Connections
Sanditon An eight-part version of Jane Austen's last novel, a love story and women's lib tale set in a seaside resort. Love
Another Day of Life An animated documentary presenting a journalist's poignant perspectives on the horrors of war. Shadow
The Woman Who Loves Giraffes A profile of a researcher whose studies of giraffes in the wild put her in the same league as Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey. Reverence
Little Women The classic novel creatively recast as an exploration of sisterhood and the family as a school of love. Love
Invisible Life (A Vida Invisivel de Euridice Gusmao) A beautiful tribute to the enduring love of sisters. Love
Ximei An affecting portrait of a fierce social justice fighter. Justice
63 Up The latest in a series of documentaries that enrich our sense of what it means to be human. You
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la Jeune Fil… A sensitive and exhilarating period piece about forbidden love. Love
Honey Boy A semi-autobiographical exorcism of personal pain from an elusive film star. Shadow
Varda by Agnes A delightful and entertaining documentary on the life and work of French filmmaker Agnes Varda Imagination
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