Film Reviews

Cold War (Zimna wojna) A passionate, episodic journey through the freezing and thawing of a couple and a continent. Yearning
Roma A cinematic valentine to a Mexican maid whose kindness has a positive impact on all those around her. Kindness
Springsteen on Broadway A breathtaking personal tribute by the songwriter/storyteller to the spirituality of place, relationships, and service. Teachers
The Dawn Wall A suspenseful rock-climbing documentary with the power to lift spirits. Questing
Suspiria A wildly grandiose thriller packed with heady commentary on individual and collective guilt and shame. Shadow
Love, Gilda Informative and emotionally touching documentary about the beloved comedian. You
If Beale Street Could Talk A masterwork about resilient young love and the challenges faced by blacks in racist America. Love
What Will People Say A riveting drama about the toxic energy that fundamentalists can unleash on those they want to control. Justice
The World Before Your Feet Fascinating documentary about a zealot, the turf he loves, and his gift of wonder. Wonder
Support the Girls A thematically rich dramady about three women who bond together in response to the humiliations at their workplace. Kindness
Quincy A loving tribute to a fearless and legendary artist. Imagination
Happy As Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice) A symbol-filled fable fixated on innocence, holiness, and inhumanity. X-The Mystery
Border (Gräns) A breathtakingly bizarre parable about belonging. Transformation
Green Book A road movie turned buddy movie about the friendship between two very different men. You
Can You Ever Forgive Me? A quirky chronicle of forgery, creativity, and an artist’s search for identity. Shadow
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Six stories set in the Old West, each with a message about mortality. Questing
Becoming Astrid A rousing biopicture about the popular and unconventional children's book writer. You
Beautiful Boy An informative and important drama about a family coping with the effects of crystal meth addiction. Love
Family in Transition An intensely intimate profile of a Transgender woman and her transforming support network. Transformation
Wildlife An impressive domestic drama illustrating emotional literary and the spiritual practice of impermanence. You
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