Film Reviews

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la Jeune Fil… A sensitive and exhilarating period piece about forbidden love. Love
Honey Boy A semi-autobiographical exorcism of personal pain from an elusive film star. Shadow
Varda by Agnes A delightful and entertaining documentary on the life and work of French filmmaker Agnes Varda Imagination
Mickey and the Bear An involving story about a teenager dealing with her yearning for freedom and her commitment to take care of her troubled father. Love
Mike Wallace Is Here A rousing documentary about the career of a controversial journalist. Questing
Mother A touching documentary about the three virtues of a compassionate caregiver. Compassion
Light From Light An unusual, almost meditative film that reverences the mysteries of death, grief, and loneliness. X-The Mystery
Queen of Hearts (Dronningen) A portrait of an angry married woman who makes some questionable choices. You
Always in Season A harrowing and revealing interrogation of the legacy of lynching in the United States. Justice
Steven Universe: The Movie A delightful and moving animated fable about change and community. You
Guest House A moving visit to a community of women determined to rebuild their lives. Justice
Saudi Women's Driving School One small step forward for the rights of Saudi women. Questing
Mountaintop A documentary about the recording of the Colorado album by Neil Young with the band Crazy Horse. Connections
Gift A documentary showing how art keeps moving in circles of sharing, giving, and generosity. Imagination
Pain and Glory (Dolor y Gloria) A career-high glimpse into an artist’s triumphs and tribulations. You
It: Chapters One and Two A decades-spanning horror fable soaked in trauma and buoyed by friendship. X-The Mystery
In the Shadow of the Moon A thriller than spans decades to explore the consequences of choices. You
Memory: The Origins of Alien A dizzying documentary that reveals the mythological roots of a movie masterpiece. X-The Mystery
Don't Be Nice A documentary that reveals the power of poetry to speak truth to power. Imagination
Country Music A monumental series about the history, impact, and musicians of the popular music genre. Imagination
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