Film Reviews

Broker A bittersweet fable about belonging and loneliness. Yearning
The Quiet Girl A very special coming-of-age drama that focuses on the characters’ kindness, compassion, and nurturing. Silence
Pig (Khook) A pitch-black comedic skewering of modern culture and artistic ego. Shadow
The Together Project A French/Icelandic romantic comedy about love, swimming pools, and the yearning to be rescued. Love
150 Milligrams A riveting French social justice drama about a courageous female whistleblower who discovered the health hazards of a diet drug. Justice
U.S. Go Home A poignant probe on sexual yearning. Yearning
Story of Judas A bold and creative recasting of Jesus's disciple. Teachers
His Wife (Son epouse) A complex spiritual and psychological drama set in France and India where two married couples struggle with mysteries they cannot comprehend or control. Love
You, Me and Us A talky French film where a woman, her present boyfriend, and her former lover do a dance of desire and disdain to work out what they really want. Love
Here and There A spiritual drama that puts two faces on Mexican poverty and makes it possible for us to see these characters as our kin rather than as strangers. Justice
Good Bye A portrait of life in Iran through the eyes of an oppressed woman lawyer who yearns to escape to freedom. Justice
God's Land An exploration of the spiritual challenges of membership in a religious cult that is obsessed with the end of the world and an escape to paradise. Faith
Ordinary Boys A revealing look at the lives of some poor Muslims in a Moroccan community. Shadow
Mukha A Russian film about a selfish trucker and his rebellious teenage daughter who try to become a family after years apart from each other. Love
Shadows A soulful Macedonian movie about a physician whose quest for meaning enables him to take responsibility for a terrible family secret. Questing
Foster Child A gritty look at the nurturing love of a foster mother in a Manila slum for a three-year-old boy. Nurturing
Cowboy Angels An engaging French road movie about two unlikely persons whose adventures bond them together in a friendship. Questing
What Sun Has Seen Three individuals struggle against staggering odds to fulfill their dreams in a big Silesian city. Yearning
The Only One An endearing Belgian film about a cranky and stubborn old man who is spiritually transformed thanks to the ministrations of a friend. Transformation
Gradually . . . (Be Ahestegi . . .) An Iranian film about the shabby treatment of women in a repressive religious society. Love
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