Film Reviews

The Woman Who Ran The uses of conversation revealed in three visits to old friends. You
The Disciple Touching portrait of an aspiring singer of Indian classical music and his journey to master his art. Yearning
Vitalina Varela A haunting meditation on loss and regret. Yearning
Young Ahmed (Le Jeune Ahmed) An intense and sobering portrait of both sides of the spiritual practice of zeal. Zeal
Corpus Christi (Boze cialo) A parabolic film that becomes a fiery interrogation of the limits of communal and individual transformation. Faith
Beanpole A bleak but powerful exploration of post-war trauma. Yearning
And Then We Danced (Da cven vicekvet) A moving exploration of coming out queer in a tradition-drenched society. Love
Les Miserables A gut punching interrogation of police misconduct and mob justice. Justice
Synonyms A beguiling meditation on belonging. Connections
Invisible Life (A Vida Invisivel de Euridice Gusmao) A beautiful tribute to the enduring love of sisters. Love
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la Jeune Fil… A sensitive and exhilarating period piece about forbidden love. Love
Queen of Hearts (Dronningen) A portrait of an angry married woman who makes some questionable choices. You
Pain and Glory (Dolor y Gloria) A career-high glimpse into an artist’s triumphs and tribulations. You
Tigers Are Not Afraid (Vuelven) A haunting fairy tale with an urgent message. Shadow
Ever After (Endzeit) A zombie fairy tale more interested in growth than gore. Shadow
Our Time (Nuestro Tiempo) A quietly brutal interrogation of fidelity, power, and jealousy. Shadow
Non-Fiction A dramedy about all the ways digital technology is shaking the book publishing world to its core. Transformation
My Son (Mon Garcon) A throttling study of the toxic dynamics of anger. Shadow
Sauvage/Wild A uniquely moving tale of a sex worker’s search for connection. Connections
A Fortunate Man (Lykke-Per) The visions, flaws, and setbacks of a gifted young man who wants to be a Master of the Universe. You
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