New Film Releases

The American Buffalo A two-part, four-hour series on the journey of the American buffalo. Reverence
The Diplomat An eight-part series revealing the multiple challenges faced by a woman ambassador. Peace
All Creatures Great and Small - Season 2 An emotionally rich character drama about a veterinary clinic in rural England. Love
Around the World in 80 Days A new adaptation of the classic adventure story focusing on challenges, friendships, courage, and love. Questing
Ted Lasso A comedy series about sports as an arena for goodness, kindness, and hope. Hope
Hemingway A fascinating documentary on the life of the writer, revealing character qualities we connect to spiritual practices. X-The Mystery
Roadkill A political thriller that raises questions about our tolerance for corruption. Shadow
All Creatures Great and Small - Season 1 Up-close and personal series about horses, cows, sheep, and eccentric human beings. Reverence
Small Axe: A Collection of Five Films A powerful anthology of stories about the challenges faced by and the triumphs scored by the West Indian community in London in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Justice
The Queen's Gambit A gripping miniseries revolving around a young woman's success in the previously all-male world of chess tournaments due to her determination, persistent study, and a little help from her friends. Play
Little America A joyous collection of portraits of immigrant experiences inspired by true stories. Openness
Sanditon An eight-part version of Jane Austen's last novel, a love story and women's lib tale set in a seaside resort. Love
Country Music A monumental series about the history, impact, and musicians of the popular music genre. Imagination
Cajun Navy Inspiring documentary about a movement of volunteers helping their neighbors during hurricanes and floods. Kindness
The Society A thought-provoking drama about youth facing the challenges of citizenship, community, and freedom. Hope
The Name of the Rose A medieval whodunit with moral firepower that reflects a reverence for books. X-The Mystery
State of the Union Ten ten-minute films in which a couple grapples with the difficulties of maintaining an intimate relationship in our hurried times. Love
Catch-22 An expose on the egregious myth that World War II was the Good War. Meaning
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Eight-part series in which the tidying expert helps clients come to a spiritual relationship with their possessions. Beauty
The Story of China with Michael Wood A splendiferous BBC series that traces the ups and downs of Chinese history over 4000 years. Meaning
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