During World War II, some Christians risked their lives and the safety of those closest to them in order to assist Jews being persecuted by the Nazis. Many of these people have been honored in Israel. Stories of Courage is directed by Peter Bogdanovich with Barbara Streisand and Cis Corman as executive producers.

In the first story written by Susan Nanus, Elizabeth Perkins plays a Catholic nanny in war-torn Poland who raises a Jewish boy after his mother dies. Shielding his identity, she also manages to get food and other supplies to some Jewish friends in the ghetto. Near the end of the war, a priest volunteers to baptize the boy in order to secure his safety.

In the second story, written by Ernest Kinoy, Selena Ward plays Marie Rose, a pious Catholic woman living with her mother in the south of France. She is the secretary to a bishop (Fritz Weaver) who enlists her help in hiding Jewish refugees and falsifying their documents so they can escape the occupying Nazi soldiers. Marie Rose also helps the resistance movement and gives sanctuary to a Jewish family in her home.

These two portraits pay tribute to the compassionate and courageous service of these Catholic women and the church leaders who supported their efforts.