This richly satisfying French film directed by Manuel Poirier takes the archetypal road movie into some uncharted territory. Here the two lead characters are foreigners in Brittany. Paco (Sergi Lopez) is a Spaniard who loses his job as a traveling rep for a shoe salesman. And Nino (Sacha Bourdo) is a lonely Russian who has been wandering for two years after being jilted by the woman he came to marry.

Even though they start out as adversaries, Paco credits Nino with giving him the opportunity to meet Marinette (Elisabeth Vitali), the woman of his dreams. When she demands three weeks apart to test their commitment to each other, Paco takes Nino up on his offer to hit the open road with him. In their encounters with women, Nino is the loser. Then when they both least expect it, the tables are turned.

A citizen of the world, according to the English philosopher Francis Bacon, is one who is gracious and courteous to strangers. Director Poirier has fashioned an endearing film about two hospitable souls who are welcoming to all. Savor Western as an introduction to multicultural France where strangers can become friends and find a place called home.