Michael Grosso, a contemporary philosopher and writer, has observed: "To decipher the signals from the universe of the soul we need special tools — imagination is one kind of telescope we use to probe the outer reaches of inner space." Dreams are another. Both are at work in this ambitious and intriguing film written and directed by Howard Goldberg.

Set in the mid-1960s on the campus of a New England prep school, the film focuses on Helen (Joanna Going), a frustrated wife and mother yearning for more freedom. She is dominated by her husband Bill (Dylan Walsh), a teacher who believes in discipline and hard work. Helen tries to nurture some of the energy and creativity of Dave (Sean Patrick Flanery), a rebellious student who boards with them. However, when she is stricken with multiple sclerosis, her world begins to shrink. Then, Helen finds the liberation her soul yearns for in dreams of flying. She tries to share her insights into the oneness of all with others but they just don't get it.

Eden is a fascinating film about a spiritual emergency that opens up new avenues to love and meaning in Helen and Bill's marriage. It also shows how imagination remains an underutilized resource for personal growth and renewal.