Robin (Anne Heche) is a workaholic associate editor at a New York magazine. Frank Martin (David Schwimmer), her boyfriend, whisks her away to an idyllic South Pacific island for a week-long vacation. After accepting his proposal of marriage, Robin agrees to do an emergency photo shoot in Tahiti for the magazine and convinces Quinn Harris (Harrison Ford) to fly her there in his dinky plane. Battered about in a bad storm, the plane crashes on the beach of an unknown island.

Ivan Reitman directs this humorous romantic comedy. Quinn and Robin are opposites — he's a laid-back dropout who can't stand complications in his life and she's a high-energy, opinionated, and stubborn city slicker. Together they face the daunting task of survival which is heightened by the appearance of some murderous pirates. Harrison Ford is perfectly cast as the kind of man anyone would want around in a jeopardy situation. Anne Heche displays plenty of spunk and sparkle as a woman whose life is altered by her adventures as a castaway.