World War II not only provided men with the adventure of a lifetime, it also gave a select circle of women exposure to wider horizons. The Land Girls, directed by David Leland (Wish You Were Here) and written by Keith Dewhurst, focuses on a 1941 English regiment called the Women's Land Army. Stella (Catherine McCormack), a beautiful, reserved woman; Ag (Rachel Weisz), a cerebral Cambridge graduate; and Prue (Anna Friel), a working-class hairdresser, are assigned to do manual labor on the farm of Mr. Lawrence (Tom Georgeson) and his wife (Maureen O'Brien). Although it takes Mr. Lawrence a while to get accustomed to having members of the opposite sex working his land, the one who really is shocked turns out to be his son Joe (Steven Mackintosh). He's even more amazed to discover that they all fancy having sex with him since he's the only eligible male around.

This enjoyable drama is carried by the considerable charm of McCormack, Weisz, and Friel. These women bond together during their wartime experiences. And like their male counterparts on the front, they experience a freedom that is both intoxicating and edifying.