This fast-paced English comedy directed by Stefan Schwartz is set in London. Dylan (Dan Futterman) is a smooth-talking Yank who teams up with Jez (Stuart Townsend), a technological wizard, in a series of scams targeting rich people. Both men are orphans and share the common dream of a splendiferous home.

In a scam where they're selling a bogus voice recognition computer, they hire Georgie (Kate Beckinsale) as a secretary. Although they don't know it, she's actually a medical school student engaged to a horse-owning snob. Georgie falls in love with sweet Jez who's shy and totally smitten by her.

Shooting Fish is a snappy and imaginative film that takes a circuitous route to its surprise ending when Dylan and Jez help Georgie fulfill her dream of service to others. Although Futterman and Townsend propel the film with their zany energy, Beckinsale (Cold Comfort Farm) gives it beauty and heart.