Gary Starke (Andy Garcia) is a talented and aggressive ticket scalper who loves working the busy streets of New York City. Along with a ragtag band of other merchants, he is exhilarated by the news that Pope John Paul II will be visiting for a one-time Easter Mass at Yankee Stadium. Gary badly needs a break since Casino (Andre Blake) is threatening to take over the ticket scalping game with some strong-arm tactics.

Writer and director Richard Wenk begins this offbeat drama in the confessional at a Catholic church and ends with a miracle set in motion by Gary's momentary encounter with the Pope. "God will show you the way," says a priest after our hero reveals that he's been dumped by Linda (Andie MacDowell), his light, beacon, and "amazing grace."

Although Gary outwardly seems like an irritating and irresponsible person, inwardly he is a nurturer. For years he has looked after a recovering drug addict and Benny (Richard Bradford), a lonely soul who does odd jobs for him. When the magic moment comes for Gary to win back Linda's love, all his demons attack him with full force. Yet an unseen ally provides an opening that brings more than even Gary had hoped for in his wildest dreams.