In this romantic comedy, written and directed by Theresa Connelly, couples are thrown together because of the woman's pregnancy and later try to learn how to love. Jadzia Pzoniak, (Lena Olin) is a domineering middle-aged woman who rules over her husband and five children. They live in a Polish working-class neighborhood in Detroit.

While the four boys tow the line, Hala (Claire Danes) goes her own way as she tries to deal with her sexual blooming. Russell (Adam Trese), a policeman, falls in love with her and soon she's pregnant. The Pzoniak clan expects him to do right by her.

Jadzia, who works as a cleaning woman, is having an affair with Roman (Rode Serbedzija) much to the consternation of her loyal and patient husband Bolok (Gabriel Byrne). The imminent wedding of their daughter serves as a spur to bring these two emotionally estranged individuals back together again. Although the film lacks the charm of the ethnic gem Moonstruck, it does justice in its own idiosyncratic way to the unpredictable course of love.