This is the first American film to deal with the Yugoslav conflict. It is directed by Peter Antonijevic based on a screenplay by Robert Orr, a photographer's assistant during the war. It is a very violent drama that takes a visceral stand against vengeance and ethnic cleansing.

Following the shocking death of his wife (Nastassja Kinski) and very young son in a Muslim terrorist bombing in Paris, Joshua (Dennis Quaid), a U.S. military officer, immediately executes a handful of people praying in a mosque. He changes his name to Guy and along with his friend (Stellan Skarsgard) joins the Foreign Legion. Six years later, still consumed by vengeance, Guy is in Bosnia fighting as a mercenary for the Serbs. Now, no different from those who murdered his son, he is capable of coolly killing a young Muslim boy without any regret.

However, all this changes when Guy saves the life of Vera (Natesa Ninkovic), a Serb woman raped by a Muslim while in a prison camp. He helps her deliver the baby and then tries to get them to a safe place. In her culture, being raped is a defilement punishable by death, and the woman is so ashamed that she refuses to take care of the infant. Guy's heart slowly opens as he assumes the care of the child and rediscovers his own capacity for nurturing and love. Savior depicts the terrible and arduous spiritual journey of this American from hatred to compassion.