The search for clarity and meaning in our era continues on a variety of fronts. The world's religions attract those who want to moor their lives in ritual and community. Spiritual seekers are on the lookout for healing and wholeness in the midst of everyday life. And now, even some scientists are trying to discern the links between evolution and God.

All of these aspects of life are explored in this 57-minute video produced originally in 1996 by South Carolina ETV. A variety of religious leaders and academics including Diana Eck and James Carse discuss the nature of God, religion, spirituality, interfaith dialogue, and the New Age. The program also presents various winners of the Templeton Prize (Paul Davies, Michael Novak, and Charles Colson) who talk about their work. This prize was set up to advance the cause of spiritual progress.

The final segments of Divining the Divine revolve around efforts by scientists, mystics, and religious believers to unravel the riddles of the universe, to understand the infinite, and to bring about world peace.

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