This entertaining drama directed by Brian Robbins is set in a small Texas town whose citizens have nothing on their minds except high school football. When all-star quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker) is seriously injured, Jonathan "Mox" Moxon (James Van Der Beek) is called off the bench to replace him. It's a dream come true for his father (Thomas F. Duffy), but his girlfriend Julie (Amy Smart) is not happy with the changes in him. Suddenly Mox gets free beer at stores, is surrounded by reporters, and becomes a celebrity in the community.

While sports may well be the toy department of life, it is also an arena where young men are tested — not only in physical prowess but also in regard to the sturdiness of their souls. Varsity Blues depicts just how difficult it is to stay true to yourself and your dreams when the call of celebrity comes knocking at your door. Mox's conscience is given a workout when the win-at-all-costs ethic of his coach (Jon Voight) puts the health and well-being of several players in jeopardy.