Some couples live side by side but not together. Others are ardent in their love for each other and mutually committed to important ideals. The latter is the case in this account of a brave couple residing in Lyon in 1943 during the Nazi occupation of their city. This soul-stirring French film is written and directed by Claude Berri (Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources). A true story, it is based on Aubrac's book Outwitting the Gestapo.

Carole Bouquet, in one of the most amazing performances of her illustrious career, plays Lucie, a school teacher and mother who is married to Raymond Samuel (Daniel Auteuil), a member of the French Resistance movement. When he is arrested by the Gestapo and found guilty of war crimes against the Germans, Lucie must act fast to avert his execution. She comes up with a daring scheme in which she risks her life to save her husband.

One of the catalysts for Lucie's actions is a vow she and her husband made to always be together on their anniversary. To them, marriage is a sacred union, and they are heroes to each other. Lucie leaps at the chance to rescue Raymond and proves herself to be a valiant champion of love.