This 1968 French film written and directed by Francois Truffaut is part of the Fox Lorber "World Classics Cinema" series. Antoine (Jean-Pierre Leaud) is given a dishonorable discharge from the Army. Although he yearns to pick up where he left off with his girlfriend Christine (Claude Jade), she is somewhat chilly toward his affections. Her father gets him a job as a night clerk at a hotel. Antoine is immediately fired. He stumbles into a position as an apprentice in a private detective agency. This job suits him just fine — giving him a chance to role-play and peer into the world of secrets and surprises.

Stolen Kisses provides ample evidence of Francois Truffaut's belief that men know nothing about love: "They are always beginners. The heroine is always the stronger." In this case, the shy Antoine is seduced by a client's unhappy middle-aged wife (Delphine Seyrig). The charming Christine is also in charge — she follows her heart and lets Antoine come along for the ride. This amusing and entertaining film is a valentine to love and the varied emotions it can arouse. The last scene in Stolen Kisses is an example of sheer poetry.