According to polls commissioned in 1996 by USA Today Weekend and Time, four-fifths of patients surveyed believe in the healing power of prayer and want their doctors to address spiritual issues with them. For centuries, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus have prayed and meditated as part of their spiritual practice. It is only recently that researchers have produced solid scientific evidence of the healing power of these efforts.

This film directed by Elda Hartley explores the convergence of medicine and faith. Dr. Larry Dossey, the most articulate spokesperson for this contemporary phenomenon, appears on the program explaining the extraordinary reach of intercessory prayer. Also appearing are a doctor who calls upon God before an operation in order to help clear his mind, a researcher who discusses the future of medicine in the twenty-first century, a priest who has experienced the restorative power of a laying on of hands ceremony, and a spiritual writer who assesses the role prayer plays in various religions.